Thursday Tanning Series- Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist


Here we are another Thursday and another Tan to review for you ladies…

I have to say I am absolutely loving doing this series, although every tan may not have been the shade I like, my biggest learning so far is that all the tans have actually been lovely in their own way. I think we can prejudge tans based on other’s experience and that’s not what I hope for you ladies, I hope you read my review, see my pics and then make up your own mind to try or not try it as the case may be.

Today in the series we are back to a brand I reviewed a few weeks back and actually chose to wear it for the wedding I had in London. We are back to the amazing Irish brand Karora!! I fell in love with this brand with my 1st review of the Express Bronzing Mousse which you can read about HERE Karora is a fantastic brand and what I love about them is "KARORA is an award winning custom colour skinwear collection that’s suitable for any occasion, benefits the skin and smells divine." ( The custom colour is the key here... the tans will literally sit on your skin and match to the tone you are at, that's why I loved the mousse for the wedding so much, it looked so natural people couldn't tell I was wearing anything at all... who doesn't want that at an occasion such as a wedding! Of course you can build up the colour so don't panic you will NOT be pale at all!!

So onto this week's review and the... TINTED SELF TAN MIST LIGHT/MEDIUM

"RADIANT GODDESS - light to Medium
Super natural golden glow with skin conditioners for long lasting colour
Release your radiant goddess with a colour match made in heaven. A guiding golden tint gives instant glow gratification and develops into a glorious honey dipped tan. Botanical extracts lock in moisture guaranteeing complexion perfection and long lasting colour that fades incredibly evenly.
This multi-award winning mist combines custom colour with skin caring botanicals to deliver a sun kissed glow to suit your individual skin tone. Colour lasts up to seven days and fades like a natural tan.
The tinted formula glides on effortlessly, dries quickly and the golden streak-free colour intensifies after a few hours.

There is no faux tan smell, just a fresh citrus fragrance while our signature botanicals of acai & argan will keep skin in tip top condition."

The smell of Karora products is the first thing after their stunning packaging  you will notice, such a sweet smell but light enough that you don't feel like your throwing pot pourri on yourself. The purple packaging is so stunning I am keeping all my boxes (I'm weird like that) and let's just once again mention the mitt... this velour beauty is amazing and a must have to feel the true luxury of applying this brand. The tinted self tan mist can be yours for €22 off the Karora website linked throughout this post.

So how did I get on with this beauty product? Again with Karora there is only a slight colour guide and for me even with all my new knowledge of tans, I do love a strong colour guide but similar to my opinion of the mousse, I feel the Karora Mitt really helps you with an even application. The mist sprays with a slight colour guide, I applied it in two ways actually, one was directly onto my arm and blended out with the  mitt and the other was onto the mitt and then onto my other arm. I am not sure which one I preferred as the result was the same so maybe it's a personal preference thing. I like applying products to my skin 1st but I think that's just habit at this stage.

So I did my usual, waited a little while to dress and hopped into bed into my TanCosy to protect my sheets, my tancosy review you can read about HERE and waited until the morning to have a rinse.

There wasn't a whole lot of tan left on my tan cosy which was a good sign, I wasn't patchy either and from my shower, I didn't see much of loss in colour on my body from the rinse off. This is always a happy moment for me, there is nothing worse than waking up so so dark, sheets destroyed, into the shower and you come out as white as a sheet, one of my biggest gripes with some tans but happy as always to say Karora did not let me down.

Here is me the 1st day wearing the tan...

Top pic has flash on as I got ready for bed after day one

I have been extremely lucky to have received three amazing products to review on the blog. Even linking in with the company has been a dream and I know that they are helping out at the next Bloggers Meet I am attending in October, I would highly recommend these tans and get yourself the mitt anyway even if you don't need to try a new tan yet as so far it's the soft mitt I've tried and really helps with applications.

If you have any questions on today's post or comments if you've tried any of the Karora range or wanna suggest another Karora product for me to go and buy, let me know!!

Emma x

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