Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette- Review


Hello Lovelies,

I have really taken to using eyeshadows lately and giving review on them, I should have created a series on the blog! So for my 30th birthday i was gifted with the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette by none other than the beautiful Anita from Please please if you are not following her and have any sort of interest in the area of beauty... get over and follow her! Her picture taking skills are unreal, she really invests so much time into her blog, she's always posting with genuine honest reviews and I would trust her word 100% on products she has tried whether gifted or purchased. You also know the real tell tale sign of  beauty loving blogger, when they are constantly buying new products to try, getting out there spending her own hard earned cash to showcase new things to her followers and of course look stunning herself!! So yes that is the first important part of this blog post to thank Anita for the palette and allowing me to have one of the most coveted palettes to review for you all :) 

The beautiful Anita from follow her!!

So now onto the palette itself. I had seen this palette doing the rounds on social media and seeing post after post saying it was sold out constantly. To be fair that's usually a good sign people are really interested in actually spending their money on it. It's also good in a place like Ireland where you don't see many bloggers associated with a brand again going out and spending their own money so they can try out the new products themselves. I had literally just finished reading Anita's blog post on the palette when we decided to meet for dinner and I was blown away by how much she loved it. I could also see from the images that the colours were so like what I use regularly and what I like on my skin and on my blue eyes. 

So let's take a look at what the brand itself says about this palette...

"An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening.

  • Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula
  • 11 matte shades; 3 metallic
  • Dual-sided soft bristle brush

And now onto the colours themselves...

Tempera - Velvety beige with an ultra-matte finish
Golden Ochre - Earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish
Vermeer - Iridescent shell with a metallic finish
Buon Fresco - Antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish
Antique Bronze - Metallic sable with a satin finish
Love Letter- Raspberry with an ultra-matte finish
Cyprus Umber- Dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish
Realgar- Brick with an ultra-matte finish
Warm Taupe- Earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish
Venetian Red- Crimson with an ultra-matte finish
Red Ochre- Sienna with an ultra-matte finish
Primavera- shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish
Burnt Orange- deep orange with an ultra-matte finish
Raw Sienna- neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish

You can purcahse this palette yourself on (link direct to palette) for €52.70"

I will say it...I really like this palette. The pay off from the colours themselves is really good. The only downfall to this palette and the application of the shadows is the fallout. There can be a lot so you really need to tap off your brush before you go anywhere near your face! Once the brush touches the shadow in the pan, you will see it start to crumble. Not too much to put you off using them by any means but just be aware that this does happen. It doesn't feel as sickly as some of my other palette loves like the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette. However, the colours are suited to so many eye colours, I absolutely love the Red Ochre,Realgar & Raw Sienna combo on my own eyes, especially when I have tan on. 

The ABH shadows have had rave reviews by bloggers worldwide so it's great to see that their first permanent palette has been so succesful. The price point of €52.70 may seem a little steep but as always break it down for yourself, you are getting 14 shadows so that works out at €3.76 per pan and that's not including the double ended brush which comes with the palette, again a total bonus as the quality of the brush is really excellent.

This palette was the perfect present for me and I love the velvet feel of the case, it's one of those palettes, you really will cry if it gets marked or dirty don't mind the actual shadows on the inside of it! If you are into warm shades or even if you are someone who wants to add more to their regular looks then this shadow palette is fantastic for that!!

Have you tried this palette what are your thoughts??

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