Kat Von D- Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette Review


Hello Lovelies,

Here we are! This may seem like a long overdue post and I imagine for some of you are sick of hearing me use this palette but not actually write about you feel like it was never coming. Well firstly let me apologise for that. I have had to take a step back from putting myself forward for product reviews lately as I wanted to sit down and concentrate on genuine product loves of mine. They don't all have to have been paid for by me, some are presents from people who really know me, some a things I bought on a whim seeing them popular in other places and some will still remain to be PR samples but I am delighted to finally publish this piece on the eye palette love of my current life the Kat von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette!

My New York Kat Von D purchases!

I bought this palette last August in New York while on my first holiday to the Big Apple. I had previously bought the Face Palette when my good friend Justine returned home to Canada and picked it up for me in Sephora. I still haven't written a post on that either but unfortunately I am not 100% committed to using that one as I am the eye palette. Now that we have a Kat Von D stand in Debenhams on Henry Street, I was actually thinking of going in and talking to them about what way to use the powders. Sometimes I feel they turn out a little mucky on my skin but the under eye shades are lovely and soft.

To give you an idea of exactly what the Shade & Light eye Contour Palette is like I have taken inspo from the Kat Von D website itself describing their own product:

"Now in a new and improved hard-shell case, our Shade +Light Eye Contour Palette is more rad than ever! 
Arranged with the perfect blend of neutral, warm and cool tones, it contains base, contour, highlight and define shades…just one look and you know this sh*t is insane!
Each matte powder is finely milled and highly pigmented for true payoff and awesome blendability! We dare you to find a shade that you don’t absolutely adore ; )
Follow Kat’s tutorials on the illustrated insert included with the palette to learn how to lift, define and balance your eyes. Then check out the rest of our site for other ways to inspire you to use this dreamy palette! The Shade+Light Eye Palette’s versatility has us feeling super creative all the time.
We’re all over Instagram liking Shade+Light looks that strike us to our core. We wanna see yours next! Post with #kvdlook. 100% Cruelty Free Forever!"

The guys at KVD are obviously very proud of their baby and for once I can say wholeheartedly that you can believe each and every aspect of that description. There is not one shade in the palette I don't like or haven't used. As with all palettes, you will of course have favourites, you will find a routine in which to use them that make the most of your eyes, I love to look like I have bright wide eyes so now I have a look I create with four shades and I love the results it gives me. Here is one of the looks I create with this palette...

Here I am in Belfast with my girls for my 30th with the KVD palette on my eyes!

I also feel that from an investment point of view, having matte shades in a palette is always better for me personally. I do love shimmer and glitter on eye looks but I rarely, if ever, actually use a shimmer shadow. Most times I will add a pigment pot or a glitter pot onto my lid so this palette is much easier to use. Also because the shades blend so well you can always create really simple but effective day looks using only two shades.

This palette is available to buy online for €47 at www.debenhams.ie & of course now the Henry Street store of Debenhams has it's very own Kat Von D counter. I am going to head to town soon to get skin matched for the 'Lock It Foundation' and try that out next. Have you tried any Kat Von D products? What are your thoughts?

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