Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette- Review!


Hello Lovelies,

Do you ever have one of those brands in your life that you think they just have the prettiest packaging and that really they could bring out anything and you'll want to have it? Well that is exactly how my love affair has started with Too faced! Now that we can finally access it through Debenhams in Ireland, you get the real benefit of their marketing genius, scenting their products like chocolate or peaches!!

A new lease of life was given to my lashes!

The 'Better Than Sex' mascara is my favourite for big lashes! I was bought a present of it for one of my birthdays by another blogging beauty and since then have purchased two of my own and i'm just about to order the waterproof version with my current beauty club points from Debenhams. The bronzers I have are beautiful and then I went on the hunt in Sephora in Poland for the new highlighter Blinded by The Light but I couldn't find it... of course it was sold out!

You can only imagine my absolute delight then that the week after my trip, I was invited along to the new launch of the Natural Collection in Debenhams her in Dublin. Now unfortunately due to work times, I was unable to attend but being the fan I am, I was thrilled to receive the new products and that brings us to today, reviewing the new Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette.

We will be coming back to the beautiful highlighters!

First things first we gotta talk money... let's face it, the world and it's momma can bring out new palettes all they want but value is so important to Irish consumers these days and well it should be! Your makeup is an investment so it has to be a smart one. This palette is currently €62 in Debenhams, this has dropped from over €70 when it was first launched. Over €70 was a lot of money for eye shadows, I 100% grant you that but when we start to look at the palette itself and you break down how many colours you are getting for the new price of €62 you now see that it works out as €2.06 a pan!!! That's serious value. This palette comes with 7 matte, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle shades all in one stunning box! You can also pay €55 on the Too Faced website but with shipping and taxes will cost you a staggering €88.88 to get it her to Ireland so Debenhams is deffo the best place to buy in Ireland! Debenhams also often have beauty deals where you will get 10% off makeup so when that happens you're now looking at only €55.80 for a 30 pan palette.

In true me style and to make sure I am giving you the accurate information, I went hunting on the Too faced website for the information they released on this palette so let's take a look at the 'palette facts'...

For all you natural lovers out there, your beauty dreams have just become reality. From professional makeup artists to starlets and real women, the natural eye had been one of the most coveted but challenging looks to achieve until Too Faced created the original Natural Eye palette in 2009. With essential neutral shades and our signature get-the-look Glamour Guides, Too Faced changed the beauty world forever. To celebrate this iconic look, get ready to fall hard for the first-ever Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection blockbuster with 30 naturally gorgeous eye shadows! Of course we had to include some of your favorites from the bestselling Natural Eyes, Natural Matte, and Natural At Night palettes, but get ready to take your neutral game to the next level with new exclusive shades. 
  • Rich, pigmented shadows offer true color payoff
  • Silky smooth formula blends effortlessly
  • Complementary for all skin tones
  • Includes our signature Glamour Guide with looks to get you started
  • 7 matte, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle shades
  • 30 Eye Shadows Net Wt. 0.80 g / 0.03 Oz. Total Net Wt. 24.0 g / 0.90 Oz.
  • Formulated without Parabens
  • Formulated without Gluten
Now ladies, while I can be a marketers dream most of the time with something shiny and new making me want it, it doesn't always guarantee a love affair in my life. We all know by now the obsession i have with my Kat Von D Shade&Light palette for night looks, well I can tell you this now, the natural palette is stealing the show lately when it comes to day wear and gently eye looks. Now please don't get me wrong, there are enough shades in this palette for you to create staggering night time looks but for me an especially since getting my lash extensions on, I am taking more to the natural eye looks. My new work environment is not the place to have the dark looks I like to wear on nights out but a subtle shimmer with two or more shadows blended out is perfect.

This palette offers so much in the way of practice which any makeup lover will welcome. It also allow you to mix up your regular looks and try something new without making any further investment. I think if you are a Too faced fan, this is such a safe investment that you'[d be mad to miss out as this is limited edition. Also if you get the opportunity, go into your nearest big Debenhams and swatch for yourself. The shadows really do feel so smooth and soft and they blend so easily!

There is a new natural love affair in my life and it's this palette! Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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